Emma Thompson, attrice

The wine challenge party was a triumph. Even the beer drinkers enjoyed it - and that's very unusual. Every moment was very carefully and lovingly handled. We all had a ball. Grazie tantissimi!!
Dear Filippo,
I have been meaning to write to you since the exhibition closed in January.
Apologies for only getting round to it now .I have been kept quite busy by the new Director.

I thought you would be interested to know that the Renaissance Siena exhibition closed with over 69000 visitors.

I want to thank you formally for all your hard work and commitment in promoting both the exhibition and the City of Siena . Many of the ventures were a first time for the National Gallery and much of that was down to your creative thinking.You bought some fantastic ideas that I think were incredibly good. I was impressed by your energy and enthusiasm to make things happen.
I hope the next time we encounter someone such as yourself we will be better prepared to support these ideas.

I am enclosing a hard back copy of the catalogue for you. I wrote to Fiorenza a few weeks ago to thank her, I hope she received my letter.I will be senting Fiorenza copies of the press cutting book as promised, they are almost ready .

I very much enjoyed working with you as did everyone in my team. I hope we can meet again either in London or in Florence or Siena in not too long a distant future. Please convey my regards to your family.

Warmest regardas
Razeetha Ram
Sebastien Katch (Company McKinsey)

Dear Suzanne,
Just a few words to thank you, Vanessa and the Baccanti team very much for your excellent work and preparation. As you predicted, we had a lovely weekend full of wine, cheese, salamis, laughter, outstanding landscapes and fun times. We enjoyed every moments, from the History lessons from Gastone, the great wines and cheeses from Pienza and Montalcino, the phenomenal olive oil (and much more) and the fabulous hotel - absolutely lovely and exactly what we were looking for for our incentive.
Again, thank you very much for an awesome job.

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